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Brand Sheriff
PostedApril 2022
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Story It has turned out that people theoretically understand why security is needed, but in cases of danger, they resort to folk protection methods. It also turned out that in people's minds, the services of a security company seem to be something costly. People believe that remote security, personal security, or any other security is an element of luxury, something from the VIP world.
Philosophy For the past 10 years, a sheriff’s star has been the SHERIFF’s logo. Bickerstaff replaced the star with an asterisk. You probably know it as a “keyboard star”– * Because asterisks protect our data on the Internet, they explain additional meanings in books. Asterisks protect and make complex things more transparent, just like SHERIFF with its new strategy.
Problem How to give a new meaning to safety and power in today’s world? Why do we need to install bars on windows or torture a dog so that it barks at everyone? If we just can install a modern security system. Because it’s much safer and much more comfortable. So, SECURITY IS COMFORT
Result As a result, according to Brand Lift: 87% of customers were positive about the new visual identity brand favorability - + 35% image attributes “technological”, “modern” - + 25%
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