Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact Information

Johan van Hasseltweg 27 1021 KN Amsterdam

Basic Info


Johan van Hasseltweg 27 1021 KN Amsterdam

About Candid

Through our platform approach we challenge the communications industry. We are the first player that truly breaks down the silos in our industry, delivering technology-infused, data-inspired and creative-driven marketing solutions, producing great results, top quality and maximum performance for our clients. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Technological and societal change are transforming our lives. Brands need to integrate media, creativity, data and technology to be able to meaningfully connect with consumers. How do we make it work together in a well-orchestrated way? Who breaks down the barriers? As a platform we are designed to be the answer to this question. Let’s break down the barriers. 

Network Description

We are Candid

At Candid we nurture a culture of candor. We believe that strong collaborations start with being open. 


We are T-shape

Our T-shaped way of work combines deep expertise in all disciplines with fast knowledge sharing across the organisation. 


We are Technology enabled

Technology is in our DNA. It is part of every process or campaign, part of our capabilities and our way of work. 

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