Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

At Cheil, we are driven by insights and analytics to ensure we meet and excel past all real-world business challenges. Simultaneously, it is our top priority that everything we do keeps the spirit and imagination of what has drawn people to ads in the first place, human relatability. 

In our rapidly changing world, we believe that the only way for brands to grow is by leading in ways thatbuild human connection. Cheil makes that possible by continually transforming the waysbrands use marketing platforms and experiences to connect to whatpeople care about, delivering impact today to shape their tomorrow. 


Network Description

Established in 1973 in Seoul, South Korea, Cheil has evolved into a dynamic global player at the forefront of the marketing and communications industry.

Now, with a presence in 44 countries, and the 10th largest global agency network. Cheil stands as a testament to its transformative journey, setting industry standards and redefining the landscape.


New Business

Leigh Armstrong
Director of New Business Development
Phone: 312-220-6019


Number of Employees: 250
Neo Chung
Robin Shelby
Executive Director: Head of Account Management
Sean Chang
Head of MDLab
Corey Austin
Head of Strategy
Angelo Vicari
Business Development - New from Existing
Cody Daniels
Group Creative Director
Mark Van Duinen
Leigh Armstrong
Director of New Business Development
Phone: 312-220-6019
Marshall Detwiler
Group Account Director, Business Development