Hickman + Associates

Carmel, United States

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11350 North. Meridian Street Suite 100
Carmel Indiana 46032
United States
Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

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Basic Info

Founded in: 1968

Awards: 7

Clients: 8

Hickman + Associates

11350 North. Meridian Street Suite 100
Carmel Indiana 46032
United States
Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

Susan Beebe

Creative Director

Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

Tiffany Frash

Media Director

Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

Marcia Hadley

Director of Operations

Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

Chris Hansen

Associate Creative Director

Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

Robyn Heine

Public Relations Director

Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

Melissa Hickman

Vice President

Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

Vaughn Hickman


Phone: (+1) 317 816-9760

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About the Agency Hickman + Associates

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Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Mission - Hickman + Associates creates market changes through strategic communications planning, advertising and public relations that addresses the unique needs and expectations of our clients' customers.

Operating Principles

Teamwork - We look to one another to energize, coach and challenge. We know we produce our best work for our clients when we take calculated risks together.
Speed - By quickly evaluating a client's marketplace, we shift our center of gravity out of the bathroom and into the field where we can make the most difference. As Al Reis and Jack Trout say, "To be a good fisherman, you have to think like a fish."
Stretch - Stretch allows us to set targets higher than we ever thought possible. Consequently, we achieve significant results for our clients and for our business.
"Boundaryless Behavior" - Through advanced technology and "boundaryless" behavior, we deliver highly personalized client service and cutting-edge creative.

Putting all this together - Boundaryless people, excited by speed and inspired by stretch, dreams have an infinite capacity to change everything. And we do.
Network Description
Network has over 40 affiliates. US Affiliates
Freebairn & Company (Atlanta)
Allen & Gerritsen Inc. (Boston)
Mobium Creative Group (Chicago)
Holland Communications (Cincinnati)
Thomas C. Porter & Associates (Des Moines)
Davis Newman Payne (Knoxville)
La Agencia de Orci & Asociados (Los Angeles)
Thompson & Company (Memphis)
Falk Communications (New York)
Push, Inc. (Orlando)
The Martz Agency (Phoenix)
Krome Communications (Pittsburgh)
Knoll and Company (Portland)
Lewis & Partners (San Francisco)
The Lauerer Markin Group (Toledo)
Aloysius, Butler & Clark (Wilmington)
Pacific Rim Affiliates
CCAA International Ltd. (Hong Kong)
CCAA International Ltd. (Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, China)
Hanlon Wilson Weekes, Pty., Ltd. (Sydney)
Sankosha Advertising Agency Ltd. (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Karatsu

European Affiliates
VanDeKerckhove & DeVos N.V. (Belgium)
HanMark Advertising Ltd. (Denmark)
Mainostoimisto Linmunrata Oy (Finland)
Venise (France)
Consenso Comunicazione scrl (Italy)
Carpa Harpo b.v. (Netherlands)
Het Reklamehuis (Netherlands)
Markedsoperatorene A/S (Norway)
Oskar Wegner, Agencja Reklamowa (Poland)
Quantum Leap Communications (Spain)
Gazoline Advertising (Sweden)
Matsgard Media AB (Sweden)
Carl-Gunnar Alm Reklambyra AB (Sweden)
Ilancilik Reklam Ajansi A.S. (Turkey)
QRBT Ltd. (United Kingdom)
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