Press Releases - Field Day - Field Day Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2017 Pepsi Max Dynamo stunt hits 4.9 million video views in 48 hours Pepsi Max has launched a new campaign, with Arnold KLP responsible for brokering the deal to make Dynamo the face of Pepsi Max in the UK. The campaign aims to encourage consumers to ‘Live for Now’ and make their everyday experiences as exciting as they can be.The partnership kicked off on June 23rd with an incredible never performed before stunt in which Dynamo crossed Westminster Bridge levitating from the side of a Westminster Bridge branded London bus to the surprise and delight of stunned crowds. All aggregated videos achieved almost 5 million views within the first 48 hours.
‘The Magic’s in the Max’ campaign will extend into July running across print, in-store, mobile, online, and on-pack promotions as well as through activation at Yahoo! Wireless Festival as part of Pepsi’s sponsorship deal with LiveNation.
Media is being handled by OMD, PR by Freud and digital by Jaywing.
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ais London creates new ‘embarrassing text’ campaign for CoppaFeel! News. 29 January 2013: Creative agency, ais London, has unveiled a new ‘embarrassing text’ campaign for the youth breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!. It sets out to encourage young women to sign up for a free, monthly text reminder service, prompting them to check their boobs.

Following on from the success of the agency’s 2012 ‘CoppaFeel! in the Shower’ campaign, ais London has created a new initiative to capture the attention of young women in washrooms. The creative shows a stream of embarrassing texts - likely to be sent on a late night out - and highlights the benefits of sending a text to CoppaFeel!, one they’ll be glad they sent.

The creative shows a mobile screen with embarrassing texts, such as “You look hot tonite. Want to come back to mine later? xx” and the repercussions of the text the following morning, “Sorry, who is this?”. The premise being, you should send a text you’ll be glad you sent, not one which you’ll regret in the morning.

The posters, which are being managed by national washroom contractor Admedia, will be placed in ladies’ washrooms across the UK from 29 January – 10 February and are a new phase in promoting the free monthly SMS reminder service – ‘Text NO REGRETS to 70300’.

Kevin Bratley, Creative Director at ais London said: “We’ve all been there, a drunken text sent in the moment from the nightclub toilets that you deeply regret in the morning. So using adspace in exactly those toilets, we decided to get young women to send a text they wouldn’t regret instead. As always for CoppaFeel! it’s all about delivering a serious message in a fun way. The copy tells the story of the night before and the morning after. Particular attention was paid to getting the language in the text spot on – right down to changing words to their predictive text replacements.”

Kris Hallenga, founder of CoppaFeel! added: “We’re reaching out to our target audience as they go about their daily lives. This is another fun, cheeky way of doing so. Our text message service is the easiest way to remind women to check their boobs, with amusing prompts, that could one day save their lives. As girls are notorious bathroom texters, we hope to encourage them to send a text they won’t regret in the morning, whilst starting a healthy habit for life.”

The ‘embarrassing text’ initiative continues to strengthen the message, that checking your breasts should be a habit for all women.

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EDF Energycreates new spin on ‘greatest show on earth’ London, 11 May 2012: EDF Energy has announced its next phase of its ‘Thank Yous’ campaign for the official partner of London 2012, EDF Energy. Scheduled to launch on 12May 2012, creative agency, ais London has designed the UK’s first giant handmade Zoetrope. It illustrates the host of prizes to be won with EDF Energy Thank Yous in an innovative and imaginative way. The rewards range from trips to the London Eye, Eden Project ‘once in a lifetime’ rewards through to tickets for the Olympics.

Sarah Stratford,Managing Partner – Strategy of ais London, said: “Bringing this magical world to life, while also capturing the depth of prizes to be won, is an incredible benchmark we’ve set for ourselves in our creative solution.”

In line with EDF Energy’s new brand positioning, Feel Better Energy, and following the success of the first ‘Thank Yous’ campaign in 2011 – also created by ais London in partnership with AMV - the agency was tasked to build and maintain a long term engagement with the scheme.

Targeting both new and existing EDF Energy customers, the Zoetrope celebrates the depth and volume of prizes available. Complementing the above the line message that the Olympics is the ‘Greatest show on earth, it also reinforces the spectacle and scale of the Olympics’ opening and the closing ceremonies.’ The ‘magic’ machine, which produces a rich kaleidoscopic display of all prizes and experiences EDF Energy has to offer, will be integrated into all elements of the campaign including Online, eCrm, DM, internal comms.

The new brand character, which is based on the YouTube hit "dancing robot" character Keepon, will be the Zoetrope’s ringmaster.

Martin Stead, Marketing Director at EDF Energy, added: “It’s great to have a creative idea that brings to life what EDF Energy really stands for, Feel Better Energy. EDF Energy is excited more than ever to announce the second phase of our ‘Thank Yous’ programme. With a range of prizes from practical things like money off your electricity bill to once in a life time prizes such as tickets to the Olympics it is our way of offering our thanks to our customers for being with us.”

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