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16-18 Rue Maurice Liétart
Bruxelles 1150
Phone: (+32) 02 775 80 80

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Basic Info

Founded in: 1988

Parent Company:

Employees: 34

Awards: 1

Clients: 14

Equinox' Communications International

16-18 Rue Maurice Liétart
Bruxelles 1150
Phone: (+32) 02 775 80 80

Ellen Branellec

R & D Manager

Phone: (+32) 02 775 80 61

Philippe Gelder

Managing Director

Edwin Huyghebaert

Financial Manager

Phone: (+32) 02 775 80 80

Daniel Lahaye

Strategic planner

Phone: (+32) 02 775 80 80

Frédéric Pousset

Creative Director

Phone: (+32) 02 775 80 80

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About Equinox' Communications International

Everyone has a story. Add Equinox' Communications International’s here! Edit


Dutch, English, French, German
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Our “raison d’être” is formulated in two words: "Heretic Strategy". This involves a 4-step approach to the main communication issues and results in unconventional on and off-line advertising solutions.
Network Description
Damm: Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Partner E/B/D Interpartners: Düsseldorf, Germany. Partner Créhalet Pouget Poussielgues (CPP): Paris, France. Partner Mitchell Patterson Grime Mitchell (MPGM): London, UK. Partner EQUINOX Communications: Brussels, Belgium. Partner GBH Advertising: Brussels, Belgium. Partner Midt Marketing: Herning, Denmark. Partner M&IDA: Helsinki, Finland. Partner Nijgh Interpartners: Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Partner Slogan Publicidad: Barcelona & Madrid, Spain. Partner Studio Più: Milan & Rome, Italy. Partner Media Unlimited Advertising: Athens, Greece. Partner Grafé Publicidade: Lisbon, Portugal. Associate Forward/EBD: Moscow, Russia. Partner Mertis/: Prague, Czechia. Partner EBD Hungary: Budapest, Hungary. Partner EBD Poland : Warsaw, Poland. Partner Interpartners PLC: Sofia, Bulgaria. Partner Contrast Interpartners: Bucharest, Romania. Partner Warwick Baker O’Neill: New York, USA. Partner
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