Seattle, United States

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71 Columbia Street 3rd Floor
Seattle Washington 98104
United States
Phone: (+1) 206 343 9000

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Core Competencies: Market Research/Consulting, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Packaging/Design, Publishing/Print/Custom Publishing

Founded in: 1983

Employees: 65

Awards: 3

Clients: 14


71 Columbia Street 3rd Floor
Seattle Washington 98104
United States
Phone: (+1) 206 343 9000

Caroline Ballaine

Director of Client Services

Phone: (+1) 206 343-9000

Lisa Benskin

Media Director

Phone: (+1) 206 343 9000

Cassandria Blackmore

Creative Director - Interactive

Phone: (+1) 206 343 9000

Bruce Bulloch

Director of Planning

Phone: (+1) 206 343 9000

Ronda Hermanson

New Business / Creative Coordinator

Phone: (+1) 206 268-2550

Beth Hester

Director of Strategic Development

Phone: (+1) 206 268-2539

Jeff Idler

Director of Marketing Programs

Phone: (+1) 206 343 9000

Richard Kile

Creative Director

Phone: (+1) 206 343 9000

Bill Toliver

Managing Director

Phone: (+1) 206 343 9000

Elona Vasaitis

New Business / Creative Coordinator

Phone: (+1) 206 695-3366

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About the Agency Sweetgrass

Everyone has a story. Add Sweetgrass’s here! Edit


There are so many to choose from: Français? Español? What does Sweetgrass prefer? Edit
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
There are three elements:

A. We believe that the strongest brands in the world are not just well known, they are literally "well owned" by their constituents. Our goal is to create that brand ownership — a connection so strong that it transcends product, and, frankly, sometimes logic.

B. At the end of the day we are in the business of generating great ideas. The first step to doing so is to suspend ego about where the best idea may come from. Toward that end, we have developed a unique approach to our work in which the agency the client, and even the customer all collaborate in creative problem solving.

C. We seek to build a real partnership by hiding nothing. Conduct yourself in such a way that the truth is your ally, and accept the consequence with dignity when it isn’t. There are no wizards behind the curtain.

A. Our core values and principles. We’re simple people, with simple values. We don’t offer a lot of glitz and glamour; however we are smart and passionate, which is revealed in our work.

B. Our philosophy on account planning and the approach we take to gain customer and market insight is more anthropological than focus-group-oriented and provides a more soulful perspective into our clients’ target audiences’ lives.

C. We’re straight shooters. We believe that to develop great creative, tension must be a constant within the client/agency relationship. We challenge our clients’ assumptions and they challenge ours. We believe this approach leads to creative that hits the mark and delivers results.

D. Our agency culture. We believe collaboration breeds the best strategic and creative solutions. Our office space was designed for this very purpose. With more conference rooms, think tanks and war rooms than personal offices, our clients are intimate members of our culture – even during foosball tournament time.

Network Description
London Based branch London 12 Theobalds Road London, England WC1X 8PF +44-171-242-3300 Main +44-171-242-3306 Fax We service Agilent Technologies' worldwide needs in Seattle.
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