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7 WTC, 250 Greenwich Street
New York New York 10003
United States
Phone: (+1) 212 601-8000

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Core Competencies: Social Media, Corporate Communication, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Healthcare, Industrial, Technology, Retail, Multicultural

Clients: 3

Porter Novelli

7 WTC, 250 Greenwich Street
New York New York 10003
United States
Phone: (+1) 212 601-8000

About Porter Novelli

We live in a global, socially networked world that is changing more rapidly than ever before.

And for people tasked with using communications to drive business results, we are not content to wait for change to happen. We will be a transformational force in our industry – one that is recognized for our passion, deep strategic insights, and determination to deliver measurable results. We prize both our diverse talent and our commitment to the core values that have defined our lasting character and personality.

Three core values stand behind our brand around the world. We are:

Accountable – We are passionate about doing what we say we will do. We thrive on delivering value for our clients and on being stewards of our own business.

Challenging – We value the rich diversity of people and their experience in our global organization and we are confident and open enough to explore our constant dissatisfaction with the status quo. It is this value that makes us seek continuous improvement in everything from creativity to business performance and to tell clients what they need to hear versus what they want to hear.

Team – We value collaboration. Everything from our methods of client work to our financial structures is built on the belief that we are at our best as a united, global Porter Novelli.

And we anchor these three core values in the foundation of RESPONSIBILITY. We treat each other and our business partners with respect. We recognize the awesome power of our craft and, therefore, the obligation to wield it with integrity in today’s complex global marketplace. It is deep within our heritage to achieve high business performance, not only to sustain ourselves, but also to allow us to deploy our unique skills to give back to the communities in which we live.

As we consider the new role that public relations has come to play in a rapidly changing and constantly evolving global dialogue, there are three measures that set Porter Novelli apart.

Our Heritage. Since the agency’s founding in 1972, Porter Novelli has origins that are distinctive from any other major player in public relations: from the founding vision of leaders who transformed public health and changed lives through the commercial success of social marketing to our expansion by acquiring best-in-class local operations in markets worldwide. It is in the DNA of our top talent to be pioneers in successfully challenging the convention of our industry.

Our Planning-Based Commitment. We have always lived at the forefront of research in public relations. Today’s needs of speed to market and intuition are accommodated in our still-rigorous methodologies. Above all, the adoption of these foundational work elements by every office, team and individual worldwide is a differentiator that makes us globally consistent and unstoppable.

Our Digital Foundation. We have been at the forefront of the technology revolution since Web 1.0. And today we continue to innovate, using digital tools to create new connections with stakeholders. We drive these innovations into our everyday client work, in addition to investing in top digital talent and resources that will keep us riding the leading edge of the digital wave.

Our call for transformation is big and bold, and one that motivates all of us at Porter Novelli to think bigger and bolder about what we are doing for clients, for ourselves, and for the industry.


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