BriefWhat do The Lord of the Rings, Claude Monet, 35 Nobel Prize winners and the first step on the moon have in common? Simply the use of ZEISS lenses. This is the story of "The heritage", a film about our eyes, the care of ZEISS lenses, and the fabulous history of the brand: 175 years of technological innovations, from the Earth to the Moon, from Giverny to Hollywood, from school benches to Nobel prizes.ZEISS DNA is constant innovation at the service of its customers, whether they are consumers, opticians, health professionals... And after several years of communication on new innovative products, we revealed the incredible heritage of the brand, concentrated in the technology of ZEISS lenses.This brand film is not a self-congratulation but a questioning of the viewer through the voice-over. It immerses him into the brand's history and delivers it in a very contemporary and spectacular way.
Advertiser Zeiss Vision Care
Brand ZEISS Brand
PostedNovember 2021
Business Sector Hygiene & Personal Care Products
Story ZEISS is an international German group that has been a leader in high precision optics (medical, photo, video, etc.) for more than 170 years. It is an expert in designing, manufacturing and supplying spectacle lenses. The brand combines technical expertise and innovative ideas to be at the forefront of visual product innovation.
Media Type Television & Cinema
Entrant Company gyro
Executive Art DIrector Sebastien ZANINI
Art Director Agathe RATTEUL
Copy Writer Remy HADJADJ
TV Producer Diane de BRETTEVILLE
Production Company BLUE PARIS
Producer Julie MICHELIN
Directors Fred and Tommy
Production Director Gabriel CHAUSSENDE
Photo Director Mahdi LEPART
Post Production MOPART
Post Producer Céline SÉNÉ
Sound Design KOUZS

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