Campaign O2 Niggle Nobble
Advertiser O2
Brand O2
PostedJanuary 2011
Business Sector Telecommunications Services
Problem O2 set out to recognise the frustrations of thousands of home broadband users in their new animated campaign. They wanted to show that they had listened to consumer's broadband niggles by providing an end-to-end service that addressed their concerns.
Result To support the launch we created The Great Niggle Nobble. This innovative, fun and addictive Facebook and iPhone game encouraged the nation to make a stand and help O2 rid the country of broadband niggles and narks.In the Facebook game, Players roamed the country nobbling niggles to local O2 stores with the aim of clearing the entire nation. With daily prizes up for grabs, the more they nobbled the more chances they had of winning. They could keep track of their scores and see how well they were doing against their friends. They could even set traps on their mates to keep one step ahead.
The augmented reality iPhone game revealed niggles hiding in the real world. Lurking on street corners, hiding behind park benches or jumping on your laptop, with a simple flick of your finger you could nobble niggles on the go, boosting your Facebook score anytime, anywhere.
Media Type Case Study

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