TitleThe Detour
Campaign The Detour
Advertiser Nissan Motor Corp.
Brand Nissan
Product Rogue
Business Sector Cars
Tagline Taking your daily commute on an unexpected turn

The Nissan brand stands for Innovation that excites. With this direction in mind, our goal was to build a digital experience that proves Nissan Rogue makes every drive more exciting. The Detour caters specifically to the youth target’s active lifestyle and need for self-expression by taking the daily commute for an unexpected turn; transforming it into a totally custom, full-throttle, action-adventure film that proves Nissan excitement lives right where you do. 


The Detour is unique to each user and totally interactive. We shot the Rogue on your street, wherever that might be. Google Maps provided the set. No props, no lighting, no grips, no crew – in a completely custom environment.

To take The Detour, just plot your route, jump in and hang on as Google Maps, Street View, live-action, CG effects and a high-powered track from M.I.A. turn your A to B into something right out of the movies. You can even take control of the action for an interactive look around Rogue’s interior and exterior. 


Car shoppers spend a lot of time researching online, but nothing quite compares to actually getting behind the wheel. To bridge this gap and introduce the new Nissan Rogue compact crossover, we created “The Detour,” a full-throttle, cinematic, Google Maps-powered virtual test drive on your own street. 


This interactive web film lets viewers experience the excitement of the Nissan Rogue. Thousands of people have taken this in-browser test drive and half of all visitors have continued to engage with the site to learn more about the Rogue. Those who take The Detour spend 25% more time learning about the car than those who don’t.

The site has also been featured on Google Creative Sandbox, FWA and Communication Arts.

  • 22,924 virtual test drives in the first two weeks 
  • 42% increase in awareness 
  • #1 most popular model onsite 
Media Type Digital
More Information http://www.nissanusa.com/the-detour/

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