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Founded in: 2008

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Room A503 Mingyuan Business Center No.118 Jiashan Rd. Shanghai
Phone: (+86) 021-64739005


Founded in: 2008

ROI Festival - (Market Builder Media)

Room A503 Mingyuan Business Center No.118 Jiashan Rd. Shanghai
Phone: (+86) 021-64739005

About ROI Festival - (Market Builder Media)

ROI Festival is the creative award celebrating works that help to realize the business value 

Seven years ago, Onicek He, a young idealistic journalist and publisher who has accumulated years of insights interviewing top executives in China and global networks, decided that China deserved an Award that it could call its own - reflecting creativity that is uniquely China, and the phenomenal growth of the China market and its brands.

That's how Onicek started the ROI Festival from a humble beginning. Now is seven years later, Onicek has retained his humility, and the Award has grown as the largest of its kind across Asia. But that's not where he would rest.

With the ROI Festival gaining recognition from the government and the marketers alike, Onicek wants it to reach to the next level - not just for global recognition but to use its platform to bring the best global marketing ideas into China. And that's where UK's Marketing Society and China's ROI Festival met and started their collaboration. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

To form a creativity force which is uniquely Chinese, but also recognized by global marketers and consumers.

ii. What is the meaning of the ROI Festival’s Chinese name?
• ⾦ (Jin) - Gold; the best
• 投 (Tou) - Investment; return on Investment
• 赏 (Shang) - Reward; applauded by marketers and consumers

iii. What categories of works are we looking at?
• Product Design / Packaging
• IntegratedWorks-ATL/BTL/PR/Digital/Event ! • Any other ideas that gives the marketers ROI

iv. What’s the No. 1 criteria in the judging process?
• Business creativity

v. What is Business Creativity?
• To use the market (both professional judgments and consumer/sales responses) to quantify creativity

vi. What won’t work?
• Creating marketing buzz with little relevance to product or sales objectives
• Works that does not apply in China (cultural differences or other factors)

vii. What work works?
P&G’s "Thanks Mum" 2012 London Olympics campaign (R) did a great job. It not only touched the consumers, but also secured ! P&G’s place amongst its Chinese consumers. That, is the work we expect from the global creative world, to inspire our Chinese counterparts to fly higher.