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C/Núñez de Balboa, 116 - 7º nº 727
Madrid 28006
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Founded in: 2005

Founded in: 2005

El Festival Internacional de Comunicación Infantil

C/Núñez de Balboa, 116 - 7º nº 727
Madrid 28006
Phone: (+34) 91 590 15 05

About El Festival Internacional de Comunicación Infantil

El Chupete is the First International Festival for Kids Advertising and Communication.An independent festival whose mission is to annually award and recognize the best creative work with values, directed to kids (1).

This festival looks to give professional recognition to all of the advertisers, advertising agencies, and producers who invest a large part of their efforts into this type of communication. To reward responsible communication.

El Chupete is a festival supported by the most important associations in the industry, whose goal is to sensitize advertisers, agencies, and media that target kids to the importance of such communication and to the responsibility it carries along with it.

El Chupete, in its nine edition, it is opening of its participation to the international market, an emerging market that has immense potential influence in the kids sector and a high degree of responsibility.

ElChupete has expanded the number of categories and will award the best kid comunication in fifteen principal media categories:

- Cinema / TV
- Graphics
- Packaging
- Music, Jinglesand Radio
- Interactive
- Mascot / Kid Personality
- Promotional Campaigns
- Kids Events
- Media Usage
- Non-profit-making campaign
- Thematic campaign of the edition
- Campaign of communication, press and PR
- Television: series of fiction for the infantile public
- Cinema: film for the infantile public

In addition to awarding the best creative works, El Chupete attempts to create a forum of reflection regarding the problems and opportunities in the kids advertising and communication market. This is developed through conferences, colloquiums, and round tables about the latest trends in kids advertising, in which the participants include the leading professionals, researchers, and specialists in the field.

(1) Kids advertising is defined as all the advertising of products or services whose final target market is the kid. In terms of age, we consider the kids market to be children and teens from 0 to 16 years. This advertising need not be exclusive; in other words it can be communication directed to the child, to parents, or to the entire family.