Truhoma is a 100% transparent platform that brings 100% of your donation directly to the one you want to help. - "TRUHOMA AI" by PHNX Awards 2023

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Campaign Make AI-Generated Art, Not Human-Generated War
Advertiser Truhoma Fund
Brand Truhoma is a 100% transparent platform that brings 100% of your donation directly to the one you want to help.
Date of First Broadcast/Publication 2022 / 11
Product Campaign to raise funds for humanitarian aid to Ukrainian families
Business Sector Institutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org.
Story The war in Ukraine has been raging for months, leaving millions displaced and in need of urgent humanitarian aid. For blockchain charity Truhoma we used AI-generated art and tools in a mission to help Ukrainian civilians through 100% transparent donations. First we used real news headlines about the ongoing war in Ukraine and applied them in a popular text-to-image AI tool Craiyon. The result is a series of surreal AI-generated images which are hard to distinguish from reality. The message is that, unlike AI-generated images, the war in Ukraine is real & is still being “generated” by human hand, while millions of Ukrainian civilians are still in need of direct help. The campaign expanded with dozens of global AI artists joining the campaign and creating over 200 original anti-war tributes under #AIartNotHumanWar hashtag to raise awareness and send support to Ukraine. For 1 year anniversary of the devastating war, we asked ChatGPT - a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence language model - to write a letter of support to the Ukrainian people. The target of the message is revealed at the end of the short AI-written speech: “Maybe AI can write an emotional letter of support but it takes a human heart to give direct help.” Since the start of the war, thanks to Truhoma’s efforts over 1700 packages of food & other necessities were delivered to Ukrainian families.
Media Type Case Study
Managing Director Ula Spindler
Client Director Nina Usnik
Project Manager Ema Knez
Copywriter Peter Zabret
Social Media Manager Adriana Korež
Designer Patricija Rantaša
Truhoma Founder Ana Lukner Roljić
Creative Director Kirill Karnovich-Valua