A healthy shopping experience

Thanks to the Lipton Fit Cart, you can keep an eye your health and buy groceries at the same time.

Shopping will never be the same again. In fact, rather than being a trial or a waste of time, picking up the weekly groceries will be as satisfying as a gym session. Lipton Green Tea brings you the Lipton Fit Cart – effectively a Fitbit on tiny wheels.
As you push the smart cart around the aisles, it tells you how much distance you’ve covered and – thanks to an algorithm based on the average metabolism – how many calories you’ve burned. The cart has had a secondary effect that even its creators didn’t predict: its users tend to put healthier foods in their baskets, avoiding high sugar items.
Widely shared on social media, the innovation reached customers in its native Dubai and beyond. In other words, shoppers thought it was just their cup of tea. It’s part of the integrated “Live Good” campaign for Lipton Green Tea, a drink that’s both hydrating and good for your health.