A hit radio show at dawn

How can we escape from the rules of society that prevent us from saying what we really think? Maybe with the aid of a radio show and a nice cup of coffee.

In India, thanks to Nescafé, you can now tell your boss (or your annoying neighbour) exactly what's on your mind.
In fact the brand is giving people the chance to let rip live on air, although as the broadcast occupies a 5.30am slot, there's little chance that the target of their anger will actually hear their rant, preventing fights and firings.
The Nescafé show with content entirely provided by the public has become a huge popular success in India, particularly among the young, who feel it liberates them from traditional conventions of behaviour. The word was spread through a viral communications campaign that reached people when they were actually likely to be awake. The campaign recently picked up awards at ADFEST in Asia and at the Food & Beverage Awards.