A Hot Button For Impulse Buyers

VUB Bank creates a plugin that warns e-shoppers to think before they succumb to instant gratification.

by Maud Largeaud , AdForum

You’d imagine that with everyone in lockdown, we’d be spending less money. But that’s not always the case. Because: online shopping. With time on our hands and even Instagram turning into a shopping mall, it’s way too easy to buy on impulse. In Slovakia, this had become a problem even before the pandemic: in 2018, Slovakians’ total debt had overtaken their savings. To promote its savings products, VUB Bank decided to act. With its agency Triad, it created a browser plugin that encouraged consumers to think before buying. Next to every “Add To Cart” button in Slovakians’ preferred e-shops, The VUB Money Saving Button created the message “Rather Save”. Presumably causing users’ fingers to hover before they bought that unnecessary “smart” soap dish. They could even click to transfer the money directly to their savings account instead. Impulse saving? Sounds like a priceless idea.