Raising awareness and gathering organizations about blood donation

A, O and B letters are removed from organizations and people profiles.

A survey reveals a 30% drop in new donors across 21 countries last year compared to a decade ago. We also observed a significant drop in reserves of blood during the summer (blood donors are on holidays…). To visualize the problem of missing blood we can remember campaigns where the red was removed from the TV or from a football team jersey.

Engine group has proposed to tackle the issue in making letters of the blood groups disappear (A, O and B) from familiar signs or logos drawing public attention to blood donation and encourage people to come forward to donate blood. From your favorite newspaper to the road sign or the sign of your local supermarket, every corner of the UK was reached in creating a real trending topic. In the 10 days after the campaign, over 30.000 people register online to give blood.

Building on that success the campaign is back in going global this year bringing together 25 blood services from 21 countries (from Australia to Belgium via Singapore) covering one billion of the world’s population. A number of high profile brands and organizations are endorsing and participating. 

See the British commercial below


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This week sees the launch of the ‘Sleep Out’ OOH campaign, with creative by WCRS and media donated by Jack, in partnership with End Youth Homelessness.

The annual national event challenges participants to face the cold of a winter night and swap their bed for a sleeping bag and cardboard mat, fundraising for homeless and disadvantaged young people in the UK. The event does not replicate homelessness but gives an insight into what it might be like.

Sleep Out is a night of two halves: a team-spirited feel-good factor celebration in the first instance, before the harsh reality of sleeping outdoors in the UK winter sets in.

The posters – illustrated by Oli Frape - depict the dichotomy of Sleep Out through a vivid-toned positive description, alongside a creeping negative shadow version, which hail to the challenging nature of the event.

The campaign will appear on 110 sites across the UK, from Bristol to London and Edinburgh - kindly provided by Jack.

Sleep Out’s 16 UK-wide events in October and November are expecting more than 3,000 people to take part and raise £1.5million in support of some of the 86,000 young people that experience homelessness in the UK every year.

To find your local event and sign up to Sleep Out, visit: www.eyh.org.uk

The campaign will run from 1/10/18 until 14/10/18.