Accidents on TV

A Belgian association provokes live accidents on TV studios

The end of the year is traditionally an crucial moment in the life of NGO, because it is a very important time for the fundraising. The general public is usually more generous, but is also more seeked for donation. CAP48 is a Belgian charity which, on the one hand, supports people with disabilities, and on the other hand wants to change the look on the difference. The association is also actively supported by the Belgian media RTBF. 

To deal with this fundraising competition at the end of the year, CAP48 has caused "real-fake" accidents during live RTBF shows, by dropping false spots on the tv hosts. Then followed a message indicating that an accident could happen to everyone and at anytime. Indeed, "80% of disabilities occur throughout life" it is the message of the campaign this year. Thanks to this partnership, the collected amount has broken a record with 5.5 millions euros.