An Emoji That’s Right On The Button

Search for the smile when you’re shopping for ethical fashion

No matter what the fashion brands tell us, children are still making clothing in factories in Asia and Latin America. But between the multitude of clothes available and the cacophony of brands showing off about their ethical initiatives (recycling, Green fabrics, local sourcing) how can consumers tell that an item has really been made in irreproachable circumstances?
In Brazil, Fair Trade and the agency Red Fuse have created a simple and easily identifiable symbol: a button in the form of a smiley. From now on, there’s no need to read the small print on the label. The FairButton will reassure you that you’re buying an ethical item that respects children’s rights. The initiative was launched via a special capsule clothing collection, whose sales will support Brazilian children’s education charity Fundaçao Abrinq. Shop the collection at