Crunch time in Quebec

An x-ray bus shelter looked fun until the speeding car arrived

Passers-by in Montreal were amused when they discovered a bus shelter that x-rayed them, turning them into moving – and in some case dancing – skeletons. But there was a serious point to the spectacle. Pedestrians in the city often eschew crosswalks and amble across the road wherever they like, increasing the risk of accidents. Quebec insurer La Société de l'Assurance Automobile and its agency lg2 wanted to warn people about the danger. So in the middle of admiring their x-rayed forms, onlookers were shocked when an animated car slammed into their skeletons, knocking them to the ground. “Bone vs. steel. You don’t stand a chance,” read a message. The operation recalls the similarly effective “Virtual Crashboard” created by Serviceplan for a French road safety organisation.