Driving Big Sales in a Tiny Space

Why McDonald’s turned its app icon into a poster during lockdown

The crisis has shown us that agencies are great at coming up with fast, simple solutions to client problems. Back in March, Germany was locked down and all McDonald’s restaurants were closed. All except McDrive outlets, which of course didn’t oblige diners to gather in an enclosed space. But most customers didn’t know that. Reacting quickly, McDonald’s and its German agency TRACK found the smallest ever space for selling Big Macs: its app icon. Already downloaded more than 10 million times, it provided an instant and ever-present messaging tool. And here’s the kicker: users didn’t even need to open the app to hear the news. The icon was simply changed so the message was staring them in the face: “McDrive OPEN”. A 120 x 120 pixel poster, right there on your phone screen. The tiniest advertising space, but one of the most effective. So effective, in fact, that McDonald’s repeated the operation during the second lockdown in November.