Giving without touching

Raising funds for the fragile via contactless posters

Children who suffer from the rare disease epidermolysis bullosa have skin so sensitive that the merest touch can cause instant pain and lifelong scars. Hugs or caresses can provoke blisters. To draw attention to the plight of these sufferers and raise funds, Citibank and Mastercard in Russia – with the help of Publicis Moscow – partnered with the BELA fund to create “contactless” posters. On each image, a child shares their experience of the disease. After reading the text, passers-by can wave their credit card over a panel next to the image, and a donation of 100 roubles is automatically deducted.
An online video, press coverage and social media posts spread the news of the operation. The posters were placed in key locations in St Petersburg and Moscow. As a result, donations rose by 144% on the previous year, touching hearts via touch-free technology.