GTA V promoting LGBT pride

A hidden mode that transforms a video game

Grand Theft Auto V is a violent video game whose action takes place in the rich but fictional world of Los Santos, inspired by Los Angeles. At first glance the game would seem to have little in common with Stockholm Pride the largest Pride festival in Scandinavia since 1998, which strives to raise awareness for LGBT+ issues, and create a safe zone for LGBT+ people and gender expressions within their community. Now the video game has joined that mission. Game creator Garbergs has created a free unofficial mode for GTA 5 that places a digital Pride parade right on the streets of Los Santos. : The Los Santos Pride parade is free to download, so every player now has the ability to add a festive LGBT+ event to the heart of the game. The plugin was created with the aid of Grand Theft Auto fans across the world and launched with a trailer on Youtube and Facebook. And to honour the victims of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the whole parade was made indestructible.