How to catch fishermen

It’s a great idea for a poster, but the execution has a few holes in it.

Ever since it was accidentally introduced from Florida in the early 1990s, the voracious Lionfish has become one of the most predatory pests in the Caribbean, ruining the eco-system of coral reefs. Some countries, like Colombia, have run campaigns inciting people to eat the fish – which apparently taste delicious – and of course fishermen to catch them. But how do you grab the attention of fishermen who tend not to spend much time staring at screens? The agency Geometry created a poster which also aided the fishermen in their work. In fact, the perforated message, printed on waterproof Tyvek®, transforms into a net in which they can carry their catch home.
It’s estimated that every fisherman reached could kill six Lionfish a day. And since each fish can lay two million eggs a year, the net result (sorry) could be 300 million less eggs a year, slowing the proliferation of the species. Finally, a fishing scam with a positive outcome.