Ikea’s wake-up call to the sleepless

Creative use of data shamed late night video watchers and urged them to buy a new mattress.

Screens can be magnets, whether you’re binge-watching series or plunging down that YouTube rabbit hole. They keep you awake and then disrupt your sleep patterns when you finally hit the sack. Ikea and Rethink decided to act by recruiting an amusing brand spokesman (you may recognize him) for a series of funny pre-rolls. Whether you were chuckling at cat videos or catching up on the soccer, he urged you to get some sleep – while naming the exact hour of the day. “It’s 1.36am – go to sleep!” He added that, if your mattress was the problem, you could always buy a new one when Ikea opened in the morning. The YouTube pre-rolls were followed up with a similar Twitter campaign, in which Ikea always seemed to know what time it was when people used the social net.