Let your cancer empower your career

The combative skills of cancer survivors are revealed to employers

The world of recruitment is increasingly automated, with 95% of large companies and around half of small businesses analysing resumés using special software that spots gaps and anomalies. This can be detrimental to candidates who took time off to battle serious illness. To turn the problem on its head, FamousGrey and Cancer@work created the Unstoppableresume. In tandem with your LinkedIn account, this turns your career gap into an attribute by transforming the disease and recovery process into positive skills such as stress management, motivation and determination. Surviving cancer may not only make you stronger, but also a better employee. 

About FamousGrey

We are brand therapist. 

Pour nous, les marques doivent être envisagées commes des personnes. Si l'on veut qu'elles gagnent en authenticité, en crédibilité, et en proximité. Si l'on veut qu'elles nouvent des relations vraies avec leurs consommateurs. 

- nous nous inspirons de la psychologie (pas seulement du marketing et de la communication

- nous écoutons avant de parler (les problèmes sont parfois enfouis loin et il faut du temps pour les comprendre) 

- nous faisons preuve d'empathie (plutôt que de simple compréhension) 

Notre différence, c'est une meilleure compréhension et une meilleure efficacité sur :

- les opinions et les comportements des consommateurs

- leur attachement et leurs engagements avec les marques 

Latest News


After a first major campaign, Cancer@Work and FamousGrey Paris are devising an ingenious device to help cancer patients find their place in the professional world thanks to a new campaign entitled The Unstoppable Résumé.

Last year, Cancer@Work unveiled the «FIGHTING CANCER» campaign with the FamousGrey Paris agency. This campaign has enabled the Cancer@Work association to change the way we look at cancer patients by creating the first Linkedin skill that valorize their experience with illness.

This year, Cancer@Work has chosen to go even further, by giving former patients the opportunities to re-enter the labor market, by creating The Unstoppable Résumé.

Nowadays, the recruiting world is more and more computerized: 95% of large companies and 50% of SMEs use recruitment software called ATS (Applicant Tracking System). This software is programmed to analyze CVs. They cross-reference dates or ranges of experiences and search for specific keywords. Therefore, they are able to exclude a CV that contains a period of inactivity like a recovery period. For people affected by cancer, finding work is extremely complicated because of the blank space left by the disease on their CV.

To give cancer patients as much chance as other candidates to get interviews, Cancer@Work has created an online platform called The Unstoppable Résumé. 

By connecting on unstoppableresume.com with their Linkedin account, cancer patients can automatically generate a CV that transforms this blank space that could exclude them from the process into a strength. This period is filled with a text that contains the skills they developed during their fight against cancer. Written in white on white, this text, invisible to the naked eye, allows CVs generated via the platform to pass through the filters of recruiters’ software.

The Unstoppable Résumé is therefore a great tool to help cancer patients get the interviews they deserve.


1000 new peopleare diagnosed with cancer in France every day.
40% of the sickare in active employment when they are diagnosed.
30% of the sickhave lost or quit their job because of their illness.
70% of cancer patientscan’t find work two years after being diagnosed.