Original Christmas Lights

Traditional Christmas scenes are replaced to create a video game trailer

Xbox and McCann London have installed a series of Christmas lights that form the first-ever game trailer you can walk through. The lights - hanging above the shopping plaza in London’s Brunswick Centre - don’t feature traditional festive imagery. Instead they tell a story about hordes of flesh-eating zombies to promote the new Christmas-themed zombie game Dead Rising 4 - developed by Capcom and published in partnership with Microsoft which launches in december on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

The online fan-base worked together to switch on the lights. By interacting with a cryptic Facebook Live stream of a zombie hand suspended above a button, Xbox followers moved the hand downward to press the switch and turn on the display, revealing the trailer to the world. Thus, after the multi-awarded "Survival Billboard" installation, McCann London and Xbox have found an other way to create an real life and digital event around the launch of a new video game.