A famous chocolate bar takes over a TV channel to renew its message

Thanks to BBDO’s long-running campaign for Snickers, almost everyone knows “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. Over the years the network’s agencies have found many amusing ways of showing the effects of snack deprivation. This time it was the turn of the UK agency, which took over entertainment and humour channel Dave. Suddenly, in mid-afternoon – a prime period for snack lag – Dave transformed into the posh and boring Rupert. Goodbye stunts and slapstick, hello art critics and chess tournaments. Rupert invaded the channel’s social media platforms; even its receptionist was in on the act. Finally, just as viewers were beginning to panic, Rupert vanished and Dave returned. “Sorry,” the channel apologised, “get a bit confused when hungry.” It also promised to stock up on Snickers bars. In the end, the multimedia event managed to bring a new twist to the familiar slogan.