Snowboarding To Save the Ice

A specially-designed ski pass helps purchasers combat the effects of global warming.

by Maud Largeaud , AdForum

LAAX is a ski resort in the Swiss Graubünden region, not far from the Vorab glacier and known as one of the world’s best freestyle snowboarding spots. Like all glaciers, Vorab is afflicted by global warming – in fact if it continues melting at the same rate, it will have vanished by April 3 2056. To raise awareness of the threat, the ski resort and Serviceplan Campaign X developed the “Last Day Pass”. Each ski pass, made of wood and sold for 80 Swiss francs, compensates for up to 1 tonne of CO2, extending the lifetime of the glacier by 10 minutes. That’s because proceeds from sales are donated to the Greenstyle Foundation, which supports climate initiatives like tree-planting. You can even help save the glacier from the comfort of your armchair by purchasing a pass online. So do your bit to stop the climate from going downhill