Taking Christmas Out of the Box

A smart lottery campaign in Denmark adds some extra spice to humdrum gifts.

by Maud Largeaud , AdForum

It’s not easy to come up with new approaches to lottery campaigns, which usually revolve around the riches that will befall us in the event that we win. In the cosy state of Denmark, however, the agency Robert/Boison & Like-minded literally thought out of the box. Cliché alert! But bear with us. Apparently, most Danes choose Christmas gifts that are practical, bordering on dull. Underpants! A coffee mug! Socks! Yay! So the agency created a gift set containing the most pedestrian presents imaginable, with the addition of an actual national lottery number. A touch that transformed boredom into suspense. Available online, the collection sold out within a week. Meanwhile, in shopping malls, the agency sold wrapping paper-sized lottery tickets. For Danes, Christmas hasn’t been so exciting since the time they still believed in Santa Claus.