The kiosk that’s open to your travel dreams

By chatting with vendors from all over the world, passers-by are encouraged to hop on a Lufthansa flight.

In chilly Düsseldorf this winter, German airline Lufthansa is opening a window to a world of travel. Or rather a shutter – which rises to reveal a “magical” kiosk. Vendors are live-streamed from New York, Miami, Tokyo and Hong Kong as they interact with passersby. All this may remind you of the doors that French railway operator SNCF opened from Paris to European cities a while back.
But Lufthansa’s kiosk owners go a step further by offering people souvenirs from the cities concerned. Candy, snacks and even an inflatable baseball bat drop from a slot beneath the screen. They may even give recipients an appetite to visit the destinations in person. The kiosk will be in Düsseldorf until the end of February, when it may move to Berlin.