The traveler becomes the media and the target

Samsonite uses a tactical media to promote its new line of Hyper­‐mobility luggages.

Samsonite has an reputation of durability. When travelers are not confident with the quality of their luggages, they use plastic wrapping services before the check-in at the airport. Publicis Conseil and Samsonite have offered this for free to every tourist that was traveling with something else as a Samsonite. There was only one condition. The sticker on the wrapping mentioned: “if only I had a Samsonite”. Thus, the message has been spread to more than 120 destinations in the world and to travelers. 

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Publicis Conseil presents “The Thread”, the 2018 global brand campaign for Orange

Today, technology is more part of our daily lives than ever before. As digital evolves and innovation continually expands, so the world is evolving with it. Orange is part of this evolution with one objective at heart, connecting people.
In this ever more complex world the latest brand campaign shows how Orange brings people closer and simplifies technology. This new communication is based on the idea that « Orange brings you closer, the rest in your hands » which emphasizes the human aspect of Orange as a brand who respects the personal freedom of people in their use of technology.
The campaign will be aired for the first time during half time of the World Cup final between France and Croatia on Sunday July 15th, on the national TV channel TF1.