This ad has a familiar ring about it

by Maud Largeaud , AdForum

Recently, single guys in relationships suddenly found themselves being chased around the internet by ads for engagement rings. No matter where they happened to be, the rings popped up. This wasn’t a virus – it was a campaign. The company behind the omnipresent rings was jeweller American Swiss. Initially targeting girlfriends via Facebook, the jeweller encouraged them to pick their favourite ring and then send the ad to their loved one, cunningly disguised as a harmless banner within a martial arts clip or similar guy-bait. Once the guys opened the clip, the ring began following them everywhere. Apparently more than 7000 women went on the jeweller’s site, and more than half shared a ring. Even better, 89% of recipients visited the site. And so far, dozens of women have been presented with the ring of their dreams along with a proposal on bended knee.