Une nouvelle dimension donnée à la couleur

Deutsche Telekom permet à ses clients d'accéder à un nouveau monde musical derrière les tons magenta.

Parmi les opérateurs de téléphonie mobile, nous avons Orange et sa couleur caractéristique, mais il y aussi Deutsche Telekom et son magenta spécifique.
Saatchi & Saatchi London et Deutsche Telekom ont décidé d’utiliser cette couleur à la manière des fonds verts en vidéo, en proposant, via une application nommée « The Lenz » du contenu additionnel. Ainsi, grâce à un système de reconnaissance chromatique, chaque surface magenta ou similaire se voit transformée en écran de diffusion, en réalité augmentée, de contenus exclusifs liés, bien évidemment, au groupe « virtuel » Gorillaz. Le groupe va d’ailleurs, grâce à ce partenariat proposer des concerts live via l’appli ansi que des interviews.
C’est ainsi que l’agence anglaise Saatchi & Saatchi et Deutsche Telekom ont pu transformer la couleur en nouveau média. 


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George launches strong clothes for strong kids

Running until September 4th, George at Asda will be rolling out its Back to School campaign ‘strong clothes for strong kids’.
The integrated campaign aims to highlight the small but significant challenges that children encounter and overcome at school on a daily basis, no matter what age they are. It taps into customer insight that life beyond the modern school gates is an unknown for parents. As children step into their own world and stand on their own two feet they become much stronger than we think as they go about their daily tasks.
We want our children to been armed with both the physical and emotional tools to cope with everything the school day has to throw at them and the campaign reflects that having good quality, tough-wearing uniform plays a big part in this.
The “30 TV spot follows three schoolchildren, all of differing ages, and each of whom face a different challenge. The first is a young girl in the school playground, deliberating at the top of a slide whether she’s brave enough to go down. The second child is new to the class and after standing on the side-lines looking on, finally plucks up the courage to ask to join in a playground game. The last is challenged by an older group of children to kick a football back to them and the pressure of getting the kick spot on is immense!
Andy Murray, Asda’s Chief Customer Officer said: “We wanted this campaign to really reflect the human truths associated with the everyday challenges of school children and how they positively overcome them by being much stronger than we think.

“As adults we can only prepare our kids for what happen beyond the school gates and robust school uniform is an essential part of their everyday armour. From parents sending their little ones to school for the first time, to those starting new schools and meeting new friends – the campaign is designed to relate to the nation as families prepare for a new school year.
“I am incredibly proud of our back to school range which, coupled with our 100 day guarantee, provides our customers with one of the strongest offers in the UK.”
The “30 TV spot will be played out until September 4th, with a “60 long form showing in cinemas across the country alongside additional 10” digital pre-roll and 6” & 2” social cutdowns.
The campaign will also be supported by print, display and online.