Wear what your friends “like”

If you want to look fashionable, you’ll need plenty of fans

Men’s fashion brand Strellson recently proved it was on trend by turning its online store into a “Like Shop”. For several weeks, customers didn’t need to reach for their credit cards to treat themselves to some dapper threads: instead, each item could be paid for by a specific number of “likes”. But how to raise that virtual cash? Simply paste your own face onto a photo of the outfit and post it on social media. Once you’ve reached the required number of “likes”, the desired piece is yours. In just two weeks, the operation made Strellson a social network phenomenon and exploded awareness of the brand among male consumers. Forget Bitcoin: likes are the new currency. 

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What binds us all together is the passion to develop and to coach fascinating brands. Brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers – in other words, best brands. Innovative communication is the path to this goal. That means finding new ways to move the hearts of consumers: creatively, through media, technologically and by integrating all three.

Our vision is to provide the most modern and most efficient agency model for international communications. That means combining global thinking with local action. We are standing up for this belief with our "House of Communication" agency model. These centres combine classic, media, online and research under a single roof. At every House of Communication, we can therefore develop globally integrated campaigns for our customers. However, an idea is only as good as its implementation in the respective market. 

Latest News

Vangardist Magazine and Mauthausen Memorial partner with Serviceplan Group on The Pink Triangle Issue, to highlight Global Violations of LGBTQI+ rights, and change United Nations “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” to put an end to homophobia.

To coincide with the International Day Against Homophobia on 17th May, Vangardist Magazine and Mauthausen Memorial partner with the Serviceplan Group on #PinkTriangleIssue.

80 years after homosexual men were branded with pink triangles on their striped prison clothing and tortured in concentration camps, the mark of sexual persecution in Nazi Germany has been reclaimed as a symbol against homophobia, and anchors an international campaign - 'The Pink Triangle Issue' - highlighting contemporary violations of human rights for LGBTQI+ people across the globe.

The campaign consists of a special Pink Triangle Issue of VANGARDIST Magazine, and a website with petition and film directed by Christoph Kuschnik (Production company PPM, Vienna): https://youtu.be/ix6g65Q6UDU

The motive of the Pink Triangle Issue is to ignite a conversation around the persecution of LGBTQI+ communities, who are increasingly facing persecution, imprisonment, torture or even death in more than 70 countries around the world including Chechnya, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Sudan and Uganda.

People are invited to make their mark against homophobia by signing up to the Vangardist petition, and making a donation to Rainbow Railroad, who save lives by bringing people out of dangerous situations in countries where the LGBTQI+ community face persecution, torture and even death because of their sexuality.

Vangardist will deliver the number of subscribers of the petition to the United Nations to implore them to add the rights of LGBTQi+ people to the United Nations “Universal Declaration of Human Rights".