When Movies Focus on Grocers Not Grosses

A bank turns shopkeepers into stars with an inventive poster campaign.

by Maud Largeaud , AdForum

The pandemic has meant hard times for everyone – from small businesses to movie buffs. In many places, cinemas have been closed for months and shopkeepers have been awaiting the end of lockdown. In France, the bank BNP Paribas decided to use the situation to help local stores. Along with the agency Hungry & Foolish and with the support of the National Federation of French Cinema, it came up with a new twist on its “my ad here” idea. At 11 cinemas, more than 40 shopkeepers were featured on movie posters that transformed them into superstars. Cobblers, grocers, record store owners – they beamed down from cinema hoardings. The bank has also continued its policy of turning its window displays into ads for more than 200 local businesses. Personally, we can’t wait for the latest blockbuster: “Cheesemongers of the Lost Ark.” 

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Hungry and Foolish est une agence créative qui réconcilie consommateurs, annonceurs et talents autour d’une publicité vertueuse et créatrice de valeurs. 

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Après compétition, CHEERZ (n°2 de l’impression mobile en France) confie sa communication à Hungry and Foolish. L’agence aura pour mission la création et le lancement du nouveau territoire de communication de la marque en France (TV, Digital et Social) et son déploiement en Italie et en Espagne en collaboration avec l’agence Manifiesto.