Where upgrades are trivial

Forty years after its birth in Canada, Trivial Pursuit is revolutionising the Russian hotel scene one wedge at a time.

Are you smart enough to pay a hotel bill with your mind? Or at least with the facts rattling around in it? That’s the challenge proposed by Leo Burnett Moscow and Hasbro in the form of the Trivial Pursuit Hotel.
On arrival at the hotel, answering a simple first question unlocks the door. After that, the quality of your stay depends on the level of your general knowledge. Your answers will determine whether your bed is king size or fold-out; whether your TV is cinema-sized or antiquated; or whether you have access to room service rather than the vending machine in the lobby.
If you want to take part, the hotel is open to online reservations from May 20 to June 12. (https://trivialpursuithotel.com) It’s open to individuals, couples or groups of up to six, and is about 40 miles from Moscow. Not the kind of place you want to be stuck on a camp bed with a packet of vending machine peanuts, so let’s hope you know a thing or two.