Why these posters got lost on purpose

Retail chain Aldi used the world’s worst geo-localised campaign to make a point about its prices.

French shoppers who travel regularly are often surprised to note that supermarket prices for the same products can vary from region to region. But not at Aldi, which has made a pledge to its customers: wherever you are, its prices remain the same. The chain - and its agency Ogilvy Paris - demonstrated this over the summer by placing information about prices at “local” stores in entirely the wrong locations. So shoppers in the suburbs of Paris were told about the prices of goods in Nice. While vacationers on the Riviera were targeted with ads referring to Normandy. All this stirred social chatter until the solution was revealed: Aldi’s prices are the same across all of its 866 stores. Folk in Paris may well have been tempted to head to Nice in order to check