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Founded in: 1992

Employees: 9

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3000 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 3000
Santa Monica California 90405
United States
Phone: (+1) (310) 450 5777

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Select Resources International

3000 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 3000
Santa Monica California 90405
United States
Phone: (+1) (310) 450 5777

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About Select Resources International

SelectResources International (SRI) has been acknowledged by the advertising industry as being the nation’s premier consulting firm specializing in agency search and relationship management.

We facilitate several pathways to improve relationships. We provide expert training to marketing staffs that result in dramatically improved collaboration and work product via SelectResources University. We help salvage deteriorating client/agency relationships via our SRI-facilitated Relationship Management Intervention Program. And in cases with irresolvable issues, we conduct rigorous, professionally managed reviews that result in dynamic new relationships and improved market share. Our clients define the problem. We work together to help our clients find the right solution.

Founded in 1992 by ex-agency CEO’s and senior marketing executives, the company has since completed over 400 agency reviews and related projects involving over $9 billion in billings. SRI clients range from small entrepreneurial start-ups to regional companies; from national advertisers to global marketers. SRI currently employs six full-time professionals plus Senior Partners with years of experience in their areas of specialization. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

To help create enduring, mutually productive client/agency relationships based on effective collaboration, work everyone is proud of and ultimately, increased market share. 

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