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Uralska 3
Prague 160 00
Czech Republic
Phone: (+420) 257 322 636

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Registr Reklamnich Agentur

Uralska 3
Prague 160 00
Czech Republic
Phone: (+420) 257 322 636
Richard  Hunt

Richard Hunt

Phone: (+420) ] 257 322 63

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About Registr Reklamnich Agentur

Registr reklamnich agentur is the first affiliate of the AAR group to open in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, commencing operations in June 1998. It is based in Prague and offers its full range of services only in the Czech Republic, but it remains the only such operation in Central Europe and has successfully conducted regional projects, sometimes in co-operation with other European consultancies. In addition to the classic agency search service, RRA also offers agency M&A consultancy, agency relationship management, and media management consultancy. For these services RRA is the local partner of Results Business Consultancy, APRAIS, and Ebiquity, respectively. 


English, Czech
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Agency search and selection
RRA provides a service which closely follows the AAR UK system. It provides this service for all the main marcomms specialisms. In a market where transparency and ethics are issues, RRA has built up a robust reputation for best practice and leadership. It frequently provides articles and comment for the country's two marketing magazines. Pitches with RRA involvement are regarded by agencies as the most likely to be professionally conducted and resolved.

Merger and Acquisition

RRA acted as broker in the acquisition by a global network of major independent agencies in both the Czech Republic and Poland. In all cases the acquisitions are regarded by the client as a major success, and the network enjoys a strong position in both markets as a result. <

Relationship Management
We see this as a development area in Central Europe, where the true value of communications agencies has not yet been fully realised, and where understanding of how to optimise it is still patchy. We are pleased to be CEE partners for APRAIS, the most advanced and actionable tool to aid the development of stable and productive client-agency relationships.

Media management consultancy
Our newest service, launched in autumn 2003 using the services of a Czech consultant who brings ten years of media experience gained with OMD, Carat and Mediacom. This service gives clients who cannot justify a full time media manager the access to such expertise. Although media auditing capability is part of this expertise, we aim principally to assist clients in giving the same level and quality of attention to their media agencies and budgets as they give to the creative area. 

Agency collaboration

Agencies in the Czech market have belatedly appreciated the value of collaboration, and since late 2014 we have introduced collaborative partners and helped them cement workable agreements with each other. These collaborations can be invisible (sub-contractor), visible strategic relationships, or joint foundation of new units. They involve both independent and network agencies. 

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