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841 Broadway, Suite 303
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Flock Associates NY

841 Broadway, Suite 303
United States

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Our world class marketing transformation consultants work together with you to deliver core disciplines that will transform the way you deliver marketing, including your agency partnerships. Flock has manages several of the largest agency reviews in the world over the past few years, including: McDonalds, Ford, J&J, and several others.


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Flock’s core purpose is to support, inspire and transform the lives of marketers.

Flock Associates Ltd was founded in 2013 by Simon Francis, Flock is the first and leading marketing transformation company. It was designed to help increase marketing effectiveness through better integrated marketing.

Flock transforms our clients’ marketing to be more effective, faster and agile. Staff and agencies help you on the ‘what’ of marketing, but Flock can help you deliver the ‘how’.

We transform marketing through four key practice areas:

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Operations
Marketing Capabilities
Marketing Procurement

These key practice areas are led by world class global marketing leaders, with decades of client and agency experience, who design marketing transformation solutions. We gain alignment, save time, money and create simpler, more effective marketing organisations.

We’ve worked with several global brands to transform their marketing, such as Ford, Cisco, Shell, Toyota, GORE-TEX, McDonalds, J&J and Asda Walmart.

With offices in Europe, America and Asia, we are a fast-growing and diverse team. Together we are a group of ambitious minds with a commitment to marketing transformation.

We are a completely independent and impartial consultancy. 

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