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For 20 years, AdForum has bridged the gap between marketers and advertising agencies - allowing the world to research, review, and connect with one another on a creative & strategic level. Our global research tool coupled with a database of the world's most celebrated campaigns ensures marketers are connecting with agencies that rule the creative world.
Prioritzing inspiration, creativity, and community - AdForum represents the future of the advertising industry.

About AdForum Summit

What the most prestigious CEOs in the industry
say about the AdForum Summit

Arthur Sadoun - CEO Publicis Groupe
Harris Diamond - CEO McCann WorldGroup
Barry Wacksman - EVP, CSO RGA
Carl Johnson - CEO Anomaly
Matt Jarvis - CEO 72&Sunny
David Demuth - CEO Doner

A Few of Our Loyal Customers and Partners

Matthew Hallock
Matthew Hallock - President
The Voice
Being featured on the AdForum homepage boosted our visibility and street cred with new business prospects. 
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy - Sales & Marketing Manager
We think the site looks amazing and our work really stands out. We find it to be user-friendly from our standpoint.
Barry Wacksman
Barry Wacksman - EVP, Chief Growth Officer
Whether it’s connecting with prospective clients or with search consultants, AdForum is our best partner for fueling the conversation. We fully endorse the exposure we receive on as well as the events they hold around the world. 
Robin Baudreau
Robin Baudreau - Producer
AdForum is a good summary of our industry. In browsing adforum I usually find new or unexpected information I probably should have known but didn't. 
Jason Harris
Jason Harris - President
It's a seamless partnership between our agency and AdForum: we put forth great work; AdForum promotes it to the right audience to attract new business & market our brand. There is no better place for agencies to get new business. Period 
Lucas Pires
Lucas Pires - Creative Video Editor
AdForum is definitely one of my favorites platforms in my often research of video references. It keeps me updated of what's going on in creativity around the globe. 
Yvonne Chalkley
Yvonne Chalkley - Executive Deputy Head of Content
AdForum is great to check out directing talent. It keeps up to date with all the latest work and what is going on in the world of adverting. It is a great tool and I wouldn't be without it. 
Amy Eagles
Amy Eagles - Head of Integrated Production
I weekly use AdForum to see the latest work of Directors and staying up to date with industry news.