A Well-Mannered Melting Pot: MFN's Josh Robinson Talks Atlanta Culture

by Jamel D. Nelson , AdForum
Josh Robinson
Executive Creative Director, Principal My Friend's Nephew

Atlanta is home to a spectrum of innovative agencies and production companies - from full-service networks to boutique shops specializing in various competencies such as digital, luxury, experiential, and multicultural - that are globally recognized for their unique creativity and ad campaigns. We Asked Josh Robinson, ECD/Principal at Atlanta based agency, My Friend's Nephew, to tell us what he thinks allows the city's creative culture to thrive.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your current role.

I’m a 6’3 father of three who’s happily married and chooses to spend time with his wife and kids over churning out excessive amounts of ideas for ads. Experience has taught me that sometimes the second idea actually is awesome. I’m also the ECD and Principal here at My Friend's Nephew (MFN). I focus my time on strategy, creative and making things that our clients truly need.

How would you describe the culture of Atlanta?

Atlanta is a rare mix of southern manners with an empire city mindset. All of the charm of the south minus the seersucker. Actually that’s not completely accurate, there’s still a good bit of seersucker.

In what ways does the city of Atlanta inspire you?

Atlanta is literally cut out of a forest so having green living in an urban context is always refreshing. The mix of cultures in Atlanta is unlike any city I’ve been to. It truly is an international city.

Atlanta is a hotspot for so many young talents and industry leaders. What has contributed to that?

Cost of living, an amazing food culture, a growing appreciation of the arts, outdoor living and the security of knowing most University of Alabama fans stay in their state (War Eagle).


What would you say is the most unique aspect Atlanta offers agencies?

There is huge gap between the number of clients who call Atlanta home and the number of agencies equipped to service their needs. Huge upside.

What is your favorite hidden-gem in Atlanta?

A-Ma-Maniere, a streetwear and limited edition sneaker shop across the street. It’s a problem.

If you could change something about Atlanta, what would it be?

Our traffic is crazy and our public transit is a joke. Bring on the flying cars.