AdForum Exclusive: An Interview with Omelet on the First-of-its-Kind LA Community Center "Petspace" Campaign.

AdForum sits down with Blakeley Jones, Copywriter and Kate Eglen, Art Director at Omelet to discuss the agency's work on the groundbreaking Petspace campaign.

 By Sarah Cullen

AdForum: Many of Omelet’s ‘people’ are in fact dogs. Did your overall culture and love of dogs make this a campaign that Omelet couldn’t turn down?

Kate: Absolutely, working with Annenberg PetSpace was a natural fit for Omelet. We see our dogs as more than just pets. They’re part of our family. So when we saw the opportunity to help more animals find new and loving homes, we couldn’t say no.


AdForum: The creation of The Annenberg PetSpace’s brand strategy required many different elements from website design to radio components. What was the most challenging aspect of this brand strategy?

Blakeley: The biggest and most exciting challenge we faced as advertisers was building this brand from scratch. Annenberg PetSpace is unlike any other place that exists, so there was a level of education that needed to take place beyond just awareness. We crafted the messaging, “Where LA comes to play, adopt, learn, and grow” to inform what you can do at Annenberg Petspace while at the same time, establishing it a community destination for Angelenos. In addition to traditional advertising, we also created an intuitive digital framework for the brand with a website that is able to seamlessly affect a guest’s experience at the space in real time.

AdForum: Omelet created the series of original mini-documentaries, Unbreakable Bond, as part of The Annenberg PetSpace’s brand strategy.  Where did these emotional stories originate and why are they so vital to this campaign?

Blakeley: The Unbreakable Bond documentary series is a powerful storytelling device that really hits at the heart of the PetSpace mission. In the films, we highlight the different types of bonds we all share with our pets. The films feature the stories of five real people in our community and their furry friends. The stories are raw, emotive, and most importantly — they’re relatable for any person who has ever loved a pet.

AdForum: PetSpace has been described as the Tinder of adoption sites. To date, how many animals has PetSpace successfully matched with the right owners?

Kate: PetSpace’s concentration is on creating successful adoptions and matching the right person with the right pet for them. The entire process is streamlined so when a person “favorites” a pet on the website, it’s saved across the mobile app, and within the actual space itself. The focus is less on the quantity of adoptions, and more on the quality of the adoption experience itself. That being said, there has been a high turnover rate and an outpouring of positive feedback from those who have adopted so far.