Advertising and Video Games: Kanokkan Rinnachit (Pare), GM of Yell Advertising

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Bangkok, Thailand
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Kanokkan Rinnachit
Managing Director Yell Advertising

With so many forms of digital media, and new ones always on the horizon, how do you determine which way of pushing content is the most viable?

Despite the huge number of new media formats, the most important thing to keep in mind is the behavior of the target audience they want to communicate to. It also requires a comprehensive marketing plan for creative to be the most successful.

How does the boundless framework of the metaverse make it appealing for brands and marketers to get involved in this new form of media ?

Metaverse is a graphically rich virtual world, where people can live, work, play, shop, socialise — in short, do the things humans like to do together in real life.

Metaverse often focus on the concept of “presence” : feeling like you’re really there, and feeling like other people are really there with you, too.

What plans, if any, does your agency have to expand its reach into the metaverse ?

We've been interested in the Metaverse since the coronavirus pandemic, as our people are also affected and have to work from home, so we're looking for places that make our employees feel like they're working together. We discovered that Gather.Town responded well to our needs, and then we first adopted it within our organization.

Then we saw a potential that this virtual world could be extended in some campaigns that our customers wanted. For example, the CP Bologna Mewtaverse, where we incorporated Fandom Marketing into the Metaverse world, has been overwhelmingly positive and has been very successful. And others more.

In what ways can the increase in virtual presence lead to more successful campaigns and what would a virtual space allow you to do that traditional media hasn’t?

Running a campaign in Metaverse is different from traditional media, but we can also apply some mechanics from traditional media to online channels as well.

In addition, campaigning in the virtual world allows us to reach new audiences, for example, from the Summoners Wars. We can access to international fan group, this allows them to enjoy the events, have new experiences that they’ve never been experienced anywhere before, and it's been a lot of positive feedback.

How do you anticipate the metaverse shaping new forms of storytelling in advertising?

In the future, we believe people will become familiar and live in Metaverse as much as in real world. Marketing can create a wider range of ideas and increase more engagement.

Yell Advertising still having a lot of ideas to create new, superior experiences. CP is the first project that we started well and will continue to develop.

Given the interactive nature of there virtual spaces, how do you see this affecting the way consumers consume and engage with advertisements?

Although the arrival of Metaverse is something that people are interested in, and people tend to hype with new technologies or innovations but its use has not yet reached mass adoption, so taking it as a special event fits the current situation. Making consumers feel special and get more attention than stuffing or forcing everything into the Metaverse from the beginning.