An Amsterdam Bicycle Story by Veloretti

Lemon Scented Tea takes you deep into Amsterdam's bicycle culture for Veloretti.

‘An Amsterdam Bicycle Story’ is an ode to Amsterdam bicycle culture. To how its inhabitants overcome obstacles, challenges and weather conditions on their trusted ally: their bicycle. 


What inspired you? What is the origin of this story?

As Amsterdam natives, we know how to get about by bicycle. In this city you learn how to ride a bicycle at a very early age. Everyday you’ll see stuff that you’re used to but that outsiders find hard to believe is possible without major accidents happening regularly.

Please keep in mind: there are actually more bicycles in this city than there are inhabitants.
- Jan Bosch, Copywriter Lemon Scented Tea 

How did this relate to the brief?

The objective was to position Veloretti for upcoming bicycle markets such as Germany and the Scandinavian countries. At the same time this positioning had to be relevant for the place where most Veloretti Bicycles are currently being used: Amsterdam.
- Tim ten Dam, Art director Lemon Scented Tea 


And tell us something about the creative idea.

An Amsterdam Bicycle Story shows how Amsterdam cyclists outsmart all their city challenges, thanks to their tough and good-looking ally: a Veloretti Bicycle. The film portrays Amsterdam as the ultimate testing ground, with the perfect test drivers: Amsterdam cyclists and their free-spirited, crazy bicycle behaviour. At the end of the film the viewer discovers it’s not a brand voice-over. It’s the voice of the everyday witness, the one who’s always there, the one that until now never had a voice: an Amsterdam Bicycle. A Veloretti.
- Tim ten Dam, Art director Lemon Scented Tea 

What role did the city play?
You could say, that Amsterdam is more than just the film set. We decided to show Amsterdam and its cycling inhabitants from a certain point of view and demonstrate Veloretti as a part of this unique cult in the bicycle capital of the world. To really make our point: ‘If a bicycle can outsmart this city, it can outsmart every city.’ At the same time the film is an ode that should appeal to our Amsterdam cycling pride. To make everyone feel part of the recognizable brand story we’re telling.
- Jan Bosch, Copywriter Lemon Scented Tea 

The campaign will run on social media. Lemon Scented Tea is responsible for the creative concept, Maarten Groen (DPPLR) directed.