Argos' Operation Holiday: Laura Rogers Debriefed

"Our brief was stained with Capri-Sun and delivered in the ten minutes between swimming lessons and ballet."

by Jamel D. Nelson , AdForum
Laura Rogers
Creative Director adam&eveDDB

Argos’s brand-new, adrenalin-fuelled summer campaign, which marks a change in direction for the super-retailer – directly targeting families and aiming to show busy mums and dads that Argos understands and is able to flex around the busy realities of modern family life. We spoke with Creative Director, Laura Rogers, about this new campaign.



Tell us about yourself and your role in this work.

Captain Laura Rogers of the Argos Squadron, reporting for duty! Also, Creative Director on Argos for The&Partnership.


What was the original brief for this campaign?

Argos wants people to know that they understand the realities of modern family life, so our brief was stained with Capri-Sun and delivered in the ten minutes between swimming lessons and ballet.


What insight led you to choose this approach for the campaign?

Ever catch the eye of a Dad as he pulls his mid-range SUV out of a lay-by on the motorway, children in the back swimming in toys, ipads and stale Cheerios, and notice that the look he has is the same twitchy one your veteran uncle gets when someone mentions the war? 

Family life is a battle. But with Argos, you’re as good as airborne, so we created a campaign that shows that the brand can keep up with modern families.


How difficult was it to sell this idea to Argos?

Selling good work can be a challenge. Thankfully many of the Argos clients are also on the frontline of family life. We spent less time selling the idea and more time swapping war stories.


What was the biggest challenge you faced during the process?

Getting the stream just right on the wee. It’s all about craft, right?


What can we expect from this campaign going forward?

More military-grade adventures!


Have you had any “Operation Holiday” experiences of your own?

Have you ever driven four adults, two kids, two dogs, a Christmas tree, a bike and a (supposedly portable) pasta maker in a left-hand drive people carrier on a right-hand drive motorway for 10 hours in a downpour? I have. There and back. I now feel fully prepared to fly a Chinook into combat.

Laura Rogers
Creative Director adam&eveDDB