Atlanta Inspires: David Matathia Talks Creativity and Culture in the Big Peach

Exploring the people, culture, and quirks that make Atlanta a top destination for creatives with Fitzco's David Matathia.

Tell us about yourself and what you do in your current position.

I’m an Atlanta transplant via NYC, Boston, Amsterdam, Austin and Orange County.
At Fitzco, I’m Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, meaning I have responsibility over brand strategy for our partners and our own brand as well as overseeing business development.


How would you describe the culture of Atlanta?

Explosive yet underappreciated. Atlanta is the energy and drive behind culture, period. We’re a bunch of east and west coast transplants mixing with a distinctly southern vibe to create something totally unique. You can’t look at a single facet of popular culture that isn’t influenced by some piece of Atlanta: music, food, film, art, etc. It’s like the local movement says: Atlanta Influences Everything. I’m just not sure everyone knows it.


In what ways does the city of Atlanta inspire you?

As a strategist who trades in human truth and insight, Atlanta is the ultimate anthropological study. We have an incredible cross-section of thought, backgrounds, and beliefs that I can tap into and apply to my day-to-day work with clients. The best part is that it comes with an accessibility that isn’t the case on the coasts. People are open, honest and approachable: a friend of mine talked about it as ‘front porch culture’ which brings people out to engage vs. backyard culture which cocoons everyone in their own world.


Why are so many young talents and industry leaders established in Atlanta right now?

For all the reasons mentioned above and for the simple fact that it’s a cosmopolitan city with all the benefits that come with that but is also livable. I tell people who are considering coming here that Atlanta has something for everyone: whatever your vibe is, it exists here – you just need to find it.


What would you say is the best value Atlanta offers agencies?

We’re connected to and grounded by a more diverse and ‘real’ piece of America. Nothing against the bigger ad markets, but you can’t deny that some of them are bubbles and it often feels like the work is them talking to each other rather than connecting with the real, practical people.


What is your favorite hidden gem in Atlanta?

I’m a sucker for a great coffee bar, because…coffee, good people watching, a reprieve from the office and Wi-Fi. Ebrik Coffee Room downtown is one of my favorites.

Is there anything you would change about Atlanta?

Pollen. Screw pollen.

David Matathia
Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Fitzco