Create with one main goal in mind: Make people act

Eileen Davila, Head of Health & Wellness at Ogilvy LATAM

by India Fizer , AdForum

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Eileen Davila
Head of Health & Wellness Ogilvy LATAM

Eileen Davila, Head of Health & Wellness at Ogilvy LATAM, shares insight on content marketing from the perspective of working within the Health & Wellness categories.


Content is the bridge between you and your audience. How do you anticipate and then integrate the right topics for your audience while maintaining a consistent brand voice? 

First, and most important, know your audience: Research and trending hunters are crucial for this task. Knowing the social, political and even economical context is needed to try to anticipate important topics for any audience.

Second, but equally important, it is imperative to know WHO your brand is: personality, voice and the role it has in society (very important nowadays). This will also help us to know which conversations we should be part of as a brand, and which ones we shouldn’t.

When it comes to a wellness brand, though, we create relevant content for our audience with one main goal in mind: make people act, whether it is for their children’s sake, their own health or even on behalf of the planet’s wellbeing. Today more than ever, any brand can be a wellness brand.

The big challenge is to connect and start a conversation within the health and wellness category, specifically in LATAM, where we have a big amount of restrictions on communications, so when we find an opportunity, it must be very well thought out, planned and the execution is crucial; that’s where our Ogilvy creative methodology BORDERLESS CREATIVITY plays an important role, so we can create a significant impact on our audience in order to make people change a certain behavior and start to live their life in a healthier way.


What role does branding play in content marketing?

While branding is about how well positioned your brand is on consumers’ minds, we truly believe that content helps to create and/or maintain branding, not the opposite. Content without a strategy behind is just one more out there. For that reason, we should be really sure about who we are as a brand, that lead us to a unique way to connect towards our audience’s wellness and how the brand content is going to contribute to our consumer’s life.


Not everything can be advertised the same way, which can require a different approach across clients. How does content affect the way something is marketed and how do you pivot to treat this?

When you know your audience in a deep and meaningful way, content must flow.

There are also different factors, such as restrictions, for different products in the wellness category, and this set the standard to create content and communications in general, what to do and what not to do; however, knowing your audience it is easier to come up with a specific communications strategy for each brand, product and audience, that considers any restrictions.

We must be relevant to our audience regardless any restriction, that’s where the magic happens!


Without giving away your secrets, what are some things that are integral to your internal checklist when creating content?

Category: to know how the wellness category is missing through a deep analysis, finding opportunities that allows us to enhance my consumer’s well-being.

Audience: to know in a deep and meaningful way, who they are, what they want and where to find them (media). What moves them?

Research: context, category trends, consumer trends, content trends.

Strategy: the way that is better to communicate in order to connect with our consumers

Creativity: the distinctive value that makes us relevant. How all that information can be seen as content and attract attention on the right platform.


How do you strategize for the way audiences will want to interact with content in virtual realities, Web 3.0, and the metaverse? To what extent do you involve influencers and consumers in creating the brand narrative?

First, knowing the affinity of the audience we want to reach through VR, web 3.0 or the metaverse. Some of the audiences you work with may not be into that kind of advertising yet. However, when we talk about wellness, which recently according to MINTEL is an important trend across categories, these kinds of resources are great to use along with a solid strategy and must go hand in hand with the creative team, so it can be relevant for our audience, and have a successful use of these means at the end of the day. 

On the other hand, it is imperative to involve our audiences when it comes to create a narrative for our brand. Today more than ever, user generated content is a really good way to measure the conversation and brand love (or not) around a brand on social media.

It is important to keep in mind that we don’t need to hop on a trend just to be part of it, we must analyze and wonder: is this trend or influencer is going to add value to our brand? And most important: does is going to help me help my audience to improve their life and wellness?